Cost Apple exceeded $ 1000000000000


Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

American Corporation Apple reiterated the absolute record — the market capitalization of the company in the course of trading on 2 August exceeded one trillion dollars. This is evidenced by the data portal Yahoo.Finance.

In the course of trading the company’s shares rose 1.6 per cent, or 3.23 dollar, and made 204,73 per share. The capitalization of the company reached 1,003 trillion dollars. 9To5Mac notes that the value of Apple exceeded trillion exclusively in Apple’s gadgets, however, they are pre-installed widgets from Yahoo.Finance. At other websites the company’s value still does not exceed trillion. In this online trading platform — the Nasdaq capitalization of the company exceeded 1,008 trillion dollars.

To Apple to cross the mark of one trillion dollars has been only one company — Chinese oil giant PetroChina. November 5, 2007, the company held the IPO at the peak of excitement reached 1.005 trillion dollars — twice beating American rival ExxonMobil. However, for a couple of months, the capitalization of the company fell by almost half, and never rose to such heights.

That being said, Apple is growing with good reporting of the Corporation. Despite the high cost of the flagship iPhone X and total drop of sales of new smartphones, the company reported record profits, which pleased investors in technology companies in the background collapses, Facebook and Twitter.

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