Found effective way to lose weight


Photo: Finbarr O’reilly / Reuters

American nutritionists, Professor of Satchin Panda and founder of Real Nutrition NYC, Amy Shapiro talked about how to lose weight properly planned meal of the day. It is reported by the American edition of Vogue.

According to experts, between Breakfast and dinner should be no more than eight hours. In this case, the effect will be noticeable within two to three weeks without changing diet. In this case you should start with a 12-hour period between the first and last meals and gradually reduce it to the required interval.

“The meaning of the diet is not to not eat or reduce your calorie intake and to not eat when the body does not need fuel,” said Professor Panda.

To withstand the remaining days 14 hours without food, the nutritionist offers several solutions. “Try to take Breakfast with you to work instead of eating immediately after waking up,” — said the Panda. Also the Professor said that the last meal should be dense to not have the desire to eat before going to bed.

In addition, the nutritionist said the best time to exercise. According to the Professor, the muscles are in optimum shape with the 5 to 7 o’clock in the afternoon.

In July, the British writer Jilly Cooper criticized Meghan Markle for the imposition of Prince Harry’s own diet. The Duchess of Sussex made future husband to lose weight for the wedding. Megan is known not to consume meat and adhere to a healthy diet. Under the influence of the spouse, the Prince gave up Smoking and reduced alcohol consumption.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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