Named as a possible successor Theresa may


Theresa Matto: Matt Dunham / Reuters

The former head of the British foreign office, Boris Johnson has headed a rating of the possible successors Theresa may as Prime Minister of the country. This is according to the public opinion poll conducted by Conservative Home.

Preference to give Johnson 29 percent of supporters of the conservatives. The level of support for his candidacy has increased almost four times after he resigned from the post of foreign Minister.

10 percent from Johnson behind the interior Minister Sajid Javid. In third place — an ardent supporter of Brexit, MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, supported by 13.3 percent of respondents. Another eurosceptic, Minister of environmental protection Michael Gouwu give preference to 7.3 per cent of supporters of the Conservative party.

Johnson resigned on 9 July. He headed the British foreign office less than two years. In the resignation letter he explained that should leave his post because it recognized that the government do not share his views on Brexit. He demanded a more hard scenario office in the country from the European Union, and Mei — supporter of the “soft business” the output of enterprises.

A referendum on British exit from the European Union took place on 23 June 2016. The majority of voters decided to support Brexit. It was originally planned that transition period, after which the country will eventually leave the European Union, will last until 2020. However, later it appeared that Mei may ask EU to extend it until 2022.

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