Named the risk of failure from alcohol


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An international group of scientists from France and the UK found that those people who completely refused from alcohol or consume more than 140 grams of pure alcohol (14 units of alcohol) per week increased the risk of dementia. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

In a long term study, which began in 1985, participated 9087 volunteers aged 35 to 55 years. Scientists have determined the number of drink alcohol and dependence on alcohol in the years 1985-1993. For the health of the subjects was monitored since 1991, while dementia was diagnosed in 397 participants in 23 years of observation. The average age of diagnosis was 76 years.

It turned out that those who consumed more than 14 units of alcohol per week increased the likelihood of developing dementia by 17 percent with each additional family units. However, the increased risk of disease was also observed in those who completely refused alcohol.

According to experts, consumption of 1-14 units of alcohol per week may protect the brain, however, you should consider all associated risks, including liver disease and cancer.

Scientists do not yet know the exact reason why there is a correlation between complete abstinence from alcohol and dementia. Because the study was observational, we have specialists just watched a certain group of the population, we cannot exclude the presence of confounding factors that could affect the accuracy. For example, people could give up alcohol due to some diseases that contribute to the development of dementia. To clarify this question will help future research to be carried out in the form of randomized controlled trials.

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