Police dogs in Vienna handed out the shoes from the heat


Photo: Polizei Wien / Facebook

Policemen shepherds in Vienna, decided to rescue from the heat and was given special shoes which will not allow the clutches to come into contact with hot asphalt. This reports the Wiener Zeitung.

Press Secretary of the city police Department Mikaela Rossman said that the hot surface may present a serious threat to cause injury to dogs who have for a long time to walk down the street. Usually the paws of animals adapted to high temperatures, but established in Vienna thirty-degree heat warms the asphalt up to fifty degrees, and this leads to burns to the paws.

Specially designed dog shoes will also be useful for working on the fires and protection from sharp objects on the ground. The final decision on whether to Shoe the animals or not remains for the police. The press Secretary noted that the volleyball tournament, which takes place from 1 to 5 August, for dogs will also be equipped with cool chambers with air conditioners, due to which the dog does not overheat.

July 27, police shepherd was interested in the Colombian mafia. Drug dealers offered for his head after tons of cocaine dogs almost 70 thousand dollars. The police, for security purposes, transferred the animal to serve in the Bogota airport “El Dorado”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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