Rare Piglet with a mysterious story will sell for millions


Photo: by stack’s Bowers Galleries / AP

At the world’s fair of the American numismatic Association in Philadelphia will auction off one of the world’s rarest coins — five cents, 1913 minted with the profile of the goddess of Liberty. The organizers of the auction expect that the price will reach five million dollars, the newspaper writes New York Post.

Survived only five such coins, and their origin remains controversial. Officially five cents to Freedom ceased to be minted in 1912. The existence of the coins, dated 1913, became known only after seven years when a former employee of the Mint Samuel brown (Samuel Brown) demonstrated them at a numismatic exhibition. It is believed that he either made them himself, or has retained a defective circulation, which was released by mistake.

All five coins brown went to collections and museums. 15 August at auction in Philadelphia put up the instance since 1948 belonged to the famous American coin collector Louis Eliasberg (Louis E. Eliasberg), and in 2007 was sold for five million dollars to an anonymous collector.

In April it was reported that the American numismatist from New England found a coin five dollar, which was minted in 1854 at the mint in San Francisco. Now in the world there are only four. The cost is estimated at millions of dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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