St. Petersburg Deputy threw the dead ducks under the door


Photo: RIA Novosti

The Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Sergei Nikeshin found in his reception of the dead ducks. The MP handed over carcasses of the birds to the laboratory for examination, according to “Fontanka”.

As the newspaper notes, they threw the environmentalists to draw attention to the condition of the New river in the Krasnoselskiy district of the city. They left a message with the request to understand a situation.

“The specialists tasked to find out the causes of pollution and make recommendations,” said Nikishin. He added that he has already dealt with the problem of the reservoir, but could not understand what it is. On the river, said the MP, the local residents complain for years.

Later, the MP said that for the expertise you need “fresh” duck, which he eventually found and frozen in the refrigerator.

New river repeatedly hit the news headlines. How to transfer NTV, in July, unknown poured in hazardous chemicals, and before that in April in New suffocated the fish.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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