The Russians offered to pay for retirement


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The business Ombudsman and former presidential candidate Boris Titov proposes to abandon the retirement for old age and to replace this concept, on the seniority, which will be determined by the retirement. Moreover, he suggested that the Russians desire “to buy the required experience” to retire early. The idea of the Ombudsman for entrepreneurs quotes “Interfax”.

“We believe that the retirement age should not be at all. People need to retire on development experience”, — said the Ombudsman. Titov insists that every job should be your minimum length of service retirement.

The idea of the Ombudsman for entrepreneurs is the ability of every citizen to actually buy the right to a pension if they want to go to her early on years of time. “You should have the right to develop experience, and you can play: if you want to leave early for retirement, you can buy the experience as it is in many countries done,” — said Titov.

However, no restrictions are planned, according to the idea Titov, retire in 35 years — just enough to pay, that is, to “buy seniority”, to the Pension Fund as insurance, then go pension payments.

Titov said that with him the idea of replacing the retirement age for seniority is considering the Institute of Economics of the growth of a name of Pyotr Stolypin, which has prepared the relevant designs and have sent them to the government. The proposals also include the transfer of pension security of Soviet citizens not through the Pension Fund, but directly from the budget. In addition, Titov with like-minded people offering to repay the funded part of pension and to cancel its commitment.

Finally, the Ombudsman calls to lower the rates of insurance payments from the current 30 percent to 14 percent. “It is also necessary to reduce insurance premiums, effective rate (30%) we are half of our economy was driven into the shadows,” — said Titov.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced the holding of another pension reform, the essence of which is to increase the retirement age. Reform is negatively perceived by Russians, the vast majority of citizens oppose the reform. In July, President Vladimir Putin first spoke about pension reform, he said, with the increase in retirement age you can not rush.

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