The Russians sharply fell in love with the West


Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Positive attitudes in the attitude of Russians to the United States became for the first time in a few years to prevail over the negative. On Thursday, August 2, reported in “Levada-center”.

“With the cessation of the propaganda pressure on the society or growth of the fatigue from his previous values of Russians are gradually rising, as we have seen in the example of the weakening of the anti-Georgian sentiment, noted in the center, adding, for example, that the proportion who consider Georgia to be an enemy of the Russians has declined from 62 percent in 2009 to nine in may 2017.

Sociologists also connect changes in the views of the Russians with the actions of the government taken this summer. In may, the United States opposed by 69% of respondents and 20 percent. And in July: 42 and 40, respectively.

Anger and dissatisfaction is the notion that Russia is trying to implement geopolitical plans in Syria and the Donbass at the expense of the population. The needs of the armed forces is seen not so justified on the background of the depletion.

Positive attitudes also began to dominate the Russians in relation to the EU: may — 28 percent, and in July 42. The share of negative judgments to the EU decreased from 55 percent in may to 38 in July.

Decreased and the share of those who have a negative attitude towards Ukraine: from 55 to 49 percent.

Russians on the whole are not only for the end of confrontation, but also for economic, political and cultural rapprochement with the West. The share of such answers increased for the three months from 58 percent to 68 percent

On isolation and confrontation with America and Europe insists 21 per cent, which is 9 percent less than it was in the spring.

However, the Russians ‘ hopes for real improvement of relations with foreign countries at the present time has only dropped from 46 to 29 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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