American city stinks of death


Frame: FOXTV

American residents of West valley city, Utah, complained about the unbearable smell on the streets. It is reported by Fox 13.

“It’s awful and disgusting, I can’t even describe it,” said one of the residents. Others noted that the stench, which stands in the city, resembles a corpse. “It’s like death,” said another resident.

Local communications Director of the city, suggested that it may smell sewage, because the smell definitely musty.

As it turned out, residents have for years complained about the inability to breathe. This week the stench has become extremely unbearable: in the local town hall has already received 12 complaints, which said that extending the city the stench is even worse than usual.

At the moment, the city authorities actively collect complaints and trying to figure out what that smell is and where it’s coming from. Some residents claim that the smell makes them nauseous, headache, and abdominal cramps.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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