Blogger fed children laxative and led the audience into a frenzy


Frame: CJ is SO COOL / Youtube

Popular American blogger and author of YouTube channel CJ SO COOL James Brady for the fun of it fed their children a laxative, which greatly angered viewers. About it reports The Daily Mail.

In the video, 29-year-old Brady added ice cream in a large portion of laxative, and then offered a dessert for their children. About half an hour later the father-the Joker recorded the reaction of the sons and daughters who were crying from the pain and constantly running to the toilet.

“Oh my God, this boy has a broken belly,” an ironic comment on what is happening prankster while his children tried to shut him in the bathroom. However, the man was not inferior: he repeatedly opened the bathroom door and shot the Teens on camera.

The video was posted on the channel in 2016. It remain available for two years until the portal no mention of the incident with laxatives in one of the materials. The video drew the attention of representatives of YouTube.

“Content that endangers minors, is unacceptable to us, and we have strict rules prohibiting the threat to children and also harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our rules, as soon as we know about it,” — said the press service of the company. Immediately after this statement, the moderators blocked the controversial video. The channel currently remains available.

Sources The Daily Mail said that soon after viewers complained about blogger’s law enforcement agencies. Then the local police in conjunction with child protective services conducted an investigation on this incident, associated with the abuse of teenagers. However, police refused to comment on what charges the suspect has put forward.

On channel CJ SO COOL signed more than 5.6 million people. On the page Brady regularly publishes a variety of pranks, challenges and reactions: the most common heroes of the rollers become his children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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