Police shot and killed the guy with down syndrome because of the toys


Photo: Swedish Police Service

Swedish police shot and killed in Central Stockholm is a 20-year-old boy with down syndrome and autism because of this “threatening situation” to others. This writes Expressen.

According to the newspaper, Eric Thorell (Eric Torell) early in the morning on 2 August alone went from the house to the street, as has happened several times before. Parents find missing son, has declared him wanted. However, this time the young man was walking not with empty hands: he took a toy gun. “It was a gift. It looked a bit like a submachine gun. To this day he was just lying among the other toys,” said mother Erica.

As a result, about four o’clock in the morning, the police received reports of a suspicious person with a weapon on the street. To the place of profit police. Reportedly, they first ordered Eric to put the gun down, and then opened fire. Just Torella shot three policemen because he “behaved in a threatening” when he is approached. The young man died two hours later.

“I heard the shots and woke up. When I looked out, he saw the police. They shouted that someone should lay down their weapons and lie on the ground. And then came more police, and ambulance”, — said the eyewitness.

According to parents, a word about the threat — a lie and a fabrication of the police, because their son’s behavior was similar to the three year old child. “He’s a fly wouldn’t hurt, he’s the kindest man in the world,” they said.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation to identify possible abuses by law enforcement officers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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