SpaceX is ahead of Boeing


Photo: SpaceX

Test flights of the Dragon spaceship 2 SpaceX in manned and unmanned modes will pass before the same test runs of the spacecraft Cockpit of Boeing, according to NASA.

The first unmanned flight of the Dragon 2 is scheduled for November 2018. Manned launch vehicle is scheduled for April 2019. Offline Cockpit first flight in late 2018 — early 2019. A manned launch is scheduled for mid-2019.

Previously, Boeing was ahead of SpaceX for the first launch in the Autonomous and manned modes. It was expected that in the first case, the Cockpit will fly in August 2018 and the second in November 2018. The postponement is associated with the problems identified in June 2018 during engine test Cockpit to abort.

In July 2018, General Director of NPO “Energomash” Igor Arbuzov said that the Russian RD-180 engine was certified by NASA for use in manned missions. This powerplant is installed on the first stage of heavy rockets, the Atlas 5, which will run Cockpit.

NASA selected Boeing and SpaceX to create the replacement of the Russian ships in the series “the Union”, now the speakers the only means of transporting people to the ISS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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