The Russians will go on trial for MEM with Patriarch Kirill


The Patriarch Of Corelphoto: Vladislav Lonshakov / “Kommersant”

A resident of Barnaul Andrey Selenin became the figurant of criminal case about extremism because of the meme with picture of Patriarch Kirill, which he published on his page in “Vkontakte”. About it the man told the TV channel “Rain”.

According to 38-year-old Russian, in June, in the apartment where he lives with his wife and child, came to the search the officers Gathered. He was handcuffed and taken for questioning, during which made to write dictation a confession and an explanation. Before the trial begins, the resident of Barnaul blocked Bank and email accounts.

The occasion was posted on his page in cozesti photo with a restored Church and a sprawling nearby house, caricature, where a member says that you’ve sinned by eating the food sanctions, and receives penance from a priest “ten times to read “Crimea is ours”” photo from the computer centre of the police that illuminates the Patriarch, and a picture of the back of the Patriarch is Jesus Christ, and asked “Time?” (mosaic was associated with the scandal that occurred in 2012, when using photoshop on the hand of Patriarch Kirill slipped the watch Breguet worth 30 thousand dollars). The last considered extremist.

“In this context the image of Christ is used to demonstrate the negative qualities of servants of the Church — the desire for enrichment. Communicative goal — the discrediting of the Russian Orthodox Church,” — said in the examination.

Shasharin said that he kept these pictures in a special album. He had no money for a lawyer and no ability to borrow: the man works as a Builder and last month received a total of 10 thousand rubles. The second investigative action he refused their testimony as data as a result of blackmail, intimidation and psychological pressure, now he intend to send to the stationary psychiatric expertise.

Earlier in Barnaul opened another criminal case because of the memes in “Vkontakte”: extremism and insulting the feelings of believers accused the 23-year-old resident Mary Matusow.

25 June in the state Duma introduced a package of bills that exclude criminal liability for reposts on the Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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