Ukraine has decided to take revenge on Hungary for the development of Transcarpathia


Basil Bodyhot:

Ukraine will ban entry to the territory of the country the Hungarian Commissioner responsible for the development of the Transcarpathian region, if Budapest is not Kiev will give clarification on this post. This “European truth” said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar.

“The interference of neighbouring States in our internal Affairs — a thing inadmissible. We will take all possible measures of diplomatic influence. But first we wait for the reaction of the Hungarian side, acceptable explanations and changes”, — said the Deputy Minister.

It is noted that the Ukrainian government is waiting for official explanation from Hungary, but Budapest still keeps silence. “European Pravda” appealed to the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine and Ministry of foreign Affairs of this country, but the answer is no.

“If there is no response, at which we expect, if not exhaustive clarification and change of name — Ukraine will be forced to react strictly up to the ban on entry. Although, of course, we would not want” — said Bodnar. According to him, Kiev considers actions of Budapest as “another step in a number of destructive and provocative actions on the part of Hungary that we have seen in recent time.”

On 2 August, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed strong protest in connection with a series of unfriendly steps of Hungary. Dissatisfaction on the part of Kiev called as the creation of the Budapest office of the Commissioner, responsible for the development of Transcarpathian region and programme for the development of kindergartens in the Carpathian basin, and also questioned the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with the desire of Ukrainians to join the EU and NATO.

The position of the Hungarian Commissioner for the development of Transcarpathia was created at the end of July. It took a politician Istvan Gresa, who was involved in the problems of the region in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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