Worked on strengthening during the world Cup, the police complained about the meager allowance


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Police officers who worked on strengthening during the football world Cup in Volgograd, complained about low payments for processing. They received five thousand rubles for processing. This is stated in a message posted on a public “Ombudsman police” in “Vkontakte”.

The community recalled that during the world championship there were frequent reports of large overtime. “And at the end of the world Cup in Russia at the mouth of the employees was one question: “How much will I get cash. Since the management promised me””, — stated in the message.

As a result the staff ABOUT the PPSP at UMVD on the city of Volga in the Volgograd region in the beginning of August have received their accounts on 4481 ruble. This information is confirmed in the Telegram channel 338.

The stress that we are talking about police officers who became participants of the video recorded in may. On the record shows as outside of the truck enforcement officers are given packets of food, which, according to police, was cold and inedible.

Places for lunch, the audience was not, therefore, some began to eat, standing near concrete slabs. Heard the disturbance and mate, one of suhpaykov someone threw to the ground. The author of the video has promised to find and dismiss.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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