Named the most “humane” weapons


Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Currently, acoustic, microwave and laser devices are considered to be one of the most promising examples of non-lethal weapons, RIA Novosti reported.

The Agency notes that in the early 2000s, the United States has created an acoustic cannon LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), which covers human wave of sound at 150 decibels (the roar of the engines of a jet fighter reaches 120 decibels), stunning and causing a painful shock. Use the LRAD to disperse the demonstrators and to protect ships from pirates.

Another example of a humane weapons is the American project of microwave gun ADS (Active Denial System), launched in the late 1990s. a Device that emits electromagnetic waves with a frequency of about 94 GHz, has on people short-term paralysing effect. Irradiated experiencing severe itching and burning all over the body, after five seconds, the pain becomes unbearable, a man unfit for action.

Russia also is developing a similar electronic ammunition. In particular, e-bomb, created in the framework of the project “Alabuga”, torn at an altitude of 200-300 meters, not only disables all the equipment within a radius of three kilometers and a half, but also blinds and stuns the enemy, who eventually loses the connection, and the means of control and guidance.

To non-lethal weapons include low-power lasers. For example, the U.S. created a prototype laser rifle PHASR (Personnel halting and stimulation response rifle), able to temporarily blind the enemy. A distant analogue of this technique can be considered as created in the USSR a prototype space-based laser gun.

For humane weapons, the Agency carried stun guns. In particular, the American Taser is a gun, firing two small electrode for copper transactions, and the generated high-energy discharge temporarily brings a person down.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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