Russian Butino detained because of her “drunken confessions”


Mary Bucintoro: @mvbutina

The reason for the suspicion of the Russians Maria Butunoi in the United States in the conspiracy business in favor of a foreign state began its own statements. It is reported by CNN.

According to sources, the channel, Butina, at least two times in a drunken state confessed with his classmates at the American University in Washington, talking about his contacts in the Russian government. She also admitted that the representatives of the Russian intelligence services were included in its organization for the legalization of handguns in the country.

Her comments were so alarming that her classmates twice appealed to law enforcement agencies. In the last months of her training the FBI eventually went home to Butinai.

Mary Butina was a student at the American University in 2016, in may this year received the diploma of master of arts in international relations. On 16 July she was arrested.

American authorities suggest that Butina worked by order of the officials of the Russian government, which is under US sanctions. It was noted that she had met with senior U.S. officials the administration of former President Barack Obama. Russian woman in case of recognition of guilt, faces up to 15 years in prison. She rejects all the accusations. According to her lawyer, the woman referred to the Senate eight thousand documents and passed an eight-hour interrogation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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