Sleeping in the underpass Gypsies aroused Russians


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Residents of Voronezh concerned about the fate of a girl who was sleeping in the underpass near the Central bus station. The post photo of the child in pablike in “Vkontakte” drew the attention of the local newspaper “Mine! Online.”

In the comments under the picture, which also captured a sleeping man, there are fears about the future of girls. Many drew attention to the fact that the child is dirty and unkempt.

Commentators lamented that the police and ambulance calls did not respond.

In a press-service regional Department of internal Affairs have told that at least five of Voronezh have informed the police about sleeping in a transition pair. Police arrived on the scene learned that the girl and the man in question, — the Gypsies of the Lipetsk region, which was returned from Voronezh. With him they were tickets for the bus, the administration of which they decided to pass in transition, but not the building.

Went whether, in the end the child and man from Voronezh was not reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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