Sukachev said Makarevich’s words about the Crimea


Garik, Scachitti: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

Musician Garik Sukachev stated that it did not agree with the position of his colleagues of Andrey Makarevich in the Crimea. He told about it in interview to TV channel “Moscow 24”. A video posted on YouTube.

“Crimea is not ours? Crimea is our. We got three hundred years of fighting. Our sailors, soldiers, civilians — millions of people laid their lives for him,” said the singer, commenting on the statements of the leader “time Machine”.

Sukachev added that during the great Patriotic war in the Peninsula fought not only Russian, but also Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Tatars and others. He also noted that he knew the Crimea, as filmed there movie.

“The mood I knew. And Sevastopol was a Russian city, and these are the banners hung “Sevastopol — Russian city” when he was Ukrainian,” — said the musician.

Makarevich repeatedly disapproved in favor of joining the Crimea to Russia in 2014. Earlier in July he said that if the Peninsula were so essential to Moscow, it was worth it to buy, not to “chop off each other’s pieces.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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