The priest looked at Russia from your BMW X5 and got into a fatal accident


In place of avriette: “PE Saratov”

In the Saratov region happened accident involving Lada Kalina and BMW X5, which drove the Abbot of St. Sampson Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Archimandrite Seraphim. It is reported by channel five.

The priest was in the cabin of the BMW, but driving was a different person, who has not coped with management. Crossover flew into the oncoming lane, faced with the Lada Kalina. Dead sitting in a Lada passenger, the driver of the car was hospitalized with injuries.

According to the information channel, everyone who rode in the BMW, was released.

It is reported that the Bavarian crossover (the cost of the new model starts at 4.6 million rubles) belongs to Archimandrite Seraphim. The one in the accident was part of some delegations, carried out the trip to Russia. Where went the priest, is unknown.

Judging by the photos from the accident scene, which was published in the local site “PE Saratov”, the car number of the BMW X5 — А587МР 178 — indicates the machine is registered in Saint-Petersburg. The portal also says that the BMW was occupied by two men, they refused from hospitalization.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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