12-year-old Mexican was admitted to the University


Carlos Santamaria Descrihed: NotimexTV / YouTube

National Autonomous University of Mexico (National Autonomous University, UNAM) enrolled in the first year of a 12-year-old boy. It is reported Stuff.

Santamaria Carlos Diaz (Carlos Diaz Santamaria) will be trained at the bachelor’s degree in biomedical physics. The boy passed the entrance exam and have already done preparatory work in chemistry in the center for the study of genetics at the University.

Carlos in the first years of teaching in a normal school, he began to study physics and mathematics. At the age of nine years he has participated in University programmes in chemistry, biochemistry and biology. The boy said that his purpose in life — finding cures for rare diseases. Answering the journalists ‘ question about whether he considers himself a genius, Carlos replied, “not like this word”.

The University said that 12-year-old student will be treated the same as others, and special benefits or privileges it receives.

In March it was reported the child Prodigy from Russia who moved to USA with his family. Marc cherry is known that in two and a half years, considered English. The boy confessed that he was more attracted to the approach to education in Finland, Sweden, Europe, America.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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