Become aware of the circumstances of the disaster of the “Junkers” in Switzerland


Photo: Handout / Reuters

An eyewitness of the crash passenger aircraft “Junkers-52” in Switzerland told the details of what happened. It is reported by the French newspaper 20 minutes.

“The plane turned 180 degrees to the South and the stone crashed to the ground,” — said one of the witnesses.

He noted that the wreckage of the aircraft was scattered over a relatively small area, which excludes the hypothesis of the explosion.

According to The Aviation Herald, the aircraft did not collide with other aircraft or cables, no signs of external influence, to hit the ground “Junkers” did not lose any parts. The aircraft fell vertically with great speed, the reasons for this are yet to be determined.

The aircraft fell on 5 August in the Swiss Alps. On Board the “Junkers-52” built in 1939 and belonged to airline JU-Air, had 17 passengers and three crew members, they all died.

“Junkers-52” — passenger and military transport aircraft which was also tried as a bomber. Produced aircraft manufacturer Junkers Flugzeug – und Motorenwerke AG from 1932 to 1945. In all there were nearly five thousand cars. During the Second world war, Junkers was the main transport of the Luftwaffe. Except for Germany and Switzerland, they were used in Bulgaria and Finland.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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