In the Pacific ocean originated destructive “Hector”


Photo: NASA / Reuters

Meteorologists of the National center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes (National Hurricane Centre, NHC) recorded the appearance of a powerful hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. This is evidenced by the data on the center’s website.

Hurricane “Hector” at the moment is about six thousand kilometers from the East coast of the United States and 2.2 thousand kilometers from the Hawaiian Islands. He moves to the West, in their direction with a velocity of approximately 19 kilometers per hour. The wind force exceeds 210 kilometers per hour.

Experts awarded the “Hector,” the fourth, penultimate class of danger. According to the international scale measuring the destructiveness of hurricanes, the cyclone of such power will lead to flooding of areas located at a height of three meters above sea level. Flooding can affect areas up to 10 kilometers inland. Hurricanes of this class are destroying the prefabricated houses to the ground, seriously hurt capital structures and rip out trees.

Last year U.S. residents experienced two major hurricanes. “Harvey”, collapsed in early September in the United States, became the most destructive hurricane after Katrina in 2005, during the storm killed 80 people. In September to the coast of Florida came hurricane “Irma”. The total damage was estimated at 290 billion (1.5 percent of GDP). Weather company AccuWeather called this amount a record.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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