Sochi authorities said the perpetrators in the death of a child in a storm gutter


Photo: Sochi city administration

The child who drowned in a storm ditch in the Lazarev district of Sochi, broke away from her grandmother and ran into the side of the street had no sidewalk. This is stated on the website of the city administration.

Authorities say that the grandmother with the grandson lived in the hotel opposite, the woman focused on the area and knew about the presence of ditches, special structures for the reception of rain water. They represent the trenches of the open type, which are virtually on every street of the village and basically needs to be completely opened, since the lattice can be disrupted by the flow of water and to serve as a direct source of threats to the life and health of people.

Also clarifies that when designing in Soviet times the sidewalk has been specially provided on only one side of the road, on the opposite side of the streets went through the water intake trench.

“Storm warning for heavy showers and thunderstorms spread over few days, while it was repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to observe security measures not to endanger their lives and the lives of children. Unfortunately a confluence of unfavorable circumstances led to the tragedy,” — said the Sochi city administration.

On the death of three-year-old in Sochi, it became known on August 3. During a rainstorm in Lazarevskoye toddler fell into the manhole, the grandmother jumped in after him, but the child could not save, his body carried out to sea.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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