South Korean women protested after the shooting in the men’s toilets


Photo: Truth Leem / AP

South Korea was the fourth rally against gender inequality in the country. The reason for the protests is the case of shooting in the men’s toilets and mujeranalitica statements. About it reports South Korean Agency “renkhap”.

The rally was attended by over 70 thousand women. According to the Agency, he became the most mass action from all three previous demonstrations. The total number of participants in the four meetings exceeded 180 thousand. Among the main demands of the protestors was an objective investigation of sexual offences regardless of gender, and women’s access to leadership positions in the police and the Prosecutor’s office.

On the radial feminist website Womad was posted recordings from hidden cameras of men’s toilets of some universities in Seoul and pictures of a Nude artist’s model, illegally shot his colleague-a woman in art class. The police began actively investigating the case against an extremist website, which caused dissatisfaction among the female population. According to the protesters, the police carefully investigates cases involving sexual crimes addressed to the men, but “don’t investigate cases properly,” when the victims are women.

South Korean Womad website, launched in 2016, based on the principles of radical feminism and misandry. Online community known incitement to hatred against men, homosexuals and transgender people.

Womens the demonstrations began on 19 may, when the rally was attended by 10 thousand women, the next concert was on 9 June, and the third meeting took place on 7 July.

In January 2017, it became known that a Buddhist monk set himself on fire in protest against the sexual exploitation of Korean women during world war II. 64-year-old man thus condemned the agreement between Seoul and Tokyo, according to which in the Japanese brothels were forcibly sent tens of thousands of girls, including Koreans.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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