The officer swore at residents during the Grand opening of the lamp


Photo: Ivan Safronov / “Vkontakte”

Chapter Oleninskaya district in the Tver region Oleg Dubov inaugurated the lantern in the village of Holmets however, after critical remarks of the inhabitants of the ceremony escalated into a verbal argument. It is reported by the inter-provincial weekly “Caravan+I”.

According to the newspaper “Our Life”, which is referenced in Oaks, local residents in Holmese went to opening as a holiday, “I smiled, congratulated each other,” because they “waited and requested that street lighting in my village.”

The women of the village drew the attention of the district head that the lantern illuminates the facade of the building, not the road, and asked about the possibility of override or expand it. “The response from the authorities they heard that it is not their business,” reports “Caravan+I”. A relative of one of the women stood up for them and said the cost of the lamp to install it at their own expense. According to eyewitnesses, Oaks cursed the man: “screw you, bald, ugly,” he said.

The district head felt that those present at the ceremony residents drunk, and called them “a group of aggressive young men” and “heated alcohol hooligans” and promised that hosted the “Maidan” will not work for them without a trace, and this will be a lesson for other settlements. Oaks believes that the holiday was ruined come to rest with the citizens, and “quiet and peaceful villagers [were] simply not able to adequately respond to this rudeness”.

“They became citizens, and not the best or most successful. Such, who, together with city habits, absorbs the sense of superiority in relation to rural residents”, — expresses his point of view, the publication of “Our Life”, which is supported by the official.

“Caravan+I” notes that the district lost lighting in Dubove, but for the citizens he is forced to reopen a low-power illumination on the roads. “How many more residents Oleninskaya district will suffer humiliation from the head? Is Governor Igor farm, with it does not matter what methods Oleg Dubov achieves the notorious stability and silence?”, — asks the author.

In 2016 the Oaks participated in the opening ceremony of the garbage and cut the red ribbon, reminiscent of “Caravan+I”. Internet users began to sneer at Oak, offering to set this day of the official holiday.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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