The Russian official explanation for the “bald freak”


Photo: Our home – Oleninskaya district / “Vkontakte”

Chapter Oleninskaya district of the Tver region Oleg Dubov, who entered into a verbal skirmish with local residents at the opening ceremony of the lantern, said that the media distorted his words, and he called his opponent “drunk freak” and not a “bald freak.” He told about it on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“I told him, “drunken fuck”, not “bald” to begin with,” said Oaks.

The official also denied reports that he expressed obscenely. In addition, he stressed that the scandal around him was blown out of proportion on purpose, and behind it a conflict of interest.

“Interests associated with the land — said Dubov. — I have no doubt who benefits from it. I imagine a budget of this campaign.” He did not name the customer information campaign for this he needs proof.

On 5 August it was reported that Oaks inaugurated a lantern in the village of Holmets however, after critical remarks of the inhabitants of the ceremony escalated into a verbal argument. The women of the village drew the attention of the district head that the lantern illuminates the facade of the building, not the road, and asked about the possibility of override or expand it. In response they heard that it is not their business, noted, “Caravan+I”. A relative of one of the women stood up for them and said the cost of the lamp to install it at their own expense. According to eyewitnesses, Oaks cursed the sentence with the words “fuck you… bald-headed freak”. He also called the audience “a group of aggressive young men” and “heated alcohol hooligans”.

In 2016 the Oaks participated in the opening ceremony of the garbage and cut the red ribbon. Internet users began to sneer at him, offering to make the day festive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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