Trump is confused about the statements about the Russian intervention


Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters

The US President Donald trump called the countries that intervene in the Affairs of American state. He stated this at a meeting with voters in support of a candidate from his party in the elections in Ohio, reports NBC.

According to the American leader, the US constantly attacks the “many people”. “Russia, China. We’re making progress in relations with North Korea, but perhaps they are engaged,” said trump.

NBC emphasizes that the words spoken in Ohio, partly contradict the recent statement by the President in Wilkes-Barre, where trump also came to support the Republican candidate.

The meeting with voters was held on Thursday, August 2. In his speech the us President raised the topic of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He again stated that the meeting was excellent and they hit it off, and relations between the two leaders interferes with fabricated “Russian business”. “It’s a hoax, okay?”, — said the American President.

In this case, before the briefing in the White house, Trump reported that Russia is once again trying to interfere in American elections. The authors of the report were the national security Advisor to John Bolton, the head of intelligence Dan Coates, the Director of the FBI, Christopher ray, head of the national security Agency Paul Nakasone and Secretary of the Council for national security Crisman Nielsen.

The American President repeatedly made conflicting statements about a possible intervention of Russia in Affairs of the USA. So, at a press conference after meeting with Putin in Helsinki on 16 July, he said that the scandal “both sides are to blame”, and evidence of interference, he does not see. However, the next day, trump told reporters that he fully trusts the intelligence and acknowledges their insights on this case. Thus on 1 August he wrote in his Twitter that conspiracy is not a crime, “but that doesn’t matter because of collusion [with Russia] was not.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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