Became known the details of the abuse of prisoners in St. Petersburg


Photo: Team 29

In St. Petersburg the colonies and jail inmates are beaten and tortured, not treated and forced to confess in court. This is stated in the report of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of the Teplice Jana, Catherine Kosarevski and Novel Shirshov. The short version of the document published “Team 29”.

In addition to the crowded chambers and old repair to the rights activists had complained to the prison staff and other inmates. The report provides several cases of abuse and pressure on prisoners IK-5 (Metallostroy), IR-6 (buy), IR 7 (“Yablonevka”) and SIZO-6 (Gorelovo, Leningrad oblast). So, convict of IK-6 reported that operational prison officer cuffed him handcuffed to a chair and beaten with a stun gun to find out the cause of the conflict of a man with a cellmate. When he was released from the handcuffs, he ran out of his room and cut myself to stop the torture. The prisoner wrote a letter complaining of an operative; he threatened, and then sent to a punishment cell where he declared a dry hunger strike.

According to human rights activists, not of medical care provided in February 2017 prison in the Burned dead prisoner, about his death publicly announced, made a mark in the magazine of registration of incidents. On the face of the deceased was a hematoma and bruising on the body — bruises. In diagnosis mentioned intoxication. The witnesses noted that on the night before his death, the man several times up to the toilet and fell from weakness.

Observers said that the torture in prisons often become aware of anonymous messages. “This is of greatest concern because it can mean that prisoners are intimidated, don’t feel safe enough to be applicants or witnesses,” the report said.

The authors added that the employees of the FSIN hinder the work of the members of the PMC, reports of torture, the consequence of responding too passively and often stands on the side of security forces, prisoners are defenseless after complaints of violence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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