In Denmark issued the first fines for niqab with a hidden face


Willy Kurniawan / Reuters

In Denmark, the first was fined for wearing the niqab — the Muslim women’s headdress, completely hiding the face. About it reports The Local.

The police were summoned by one of the city’s shopping malls Hørsholm after between a woman and another woman had a conflict. According to police, that tore the niqab with a 28-year-old girl. “During the struggle, the niqab head down, but when we arrived on the scene, she had already put it back,” said a police spokesman.

The guards took a picture of a Muslim woman in niqab and got a recording of the incident from surveillance cameras. The girl was fined in the amount of one thousand crowns ($156) and asked to remove the scarf or leave a public place. She chose the latter.

The girl was first punished for violating the law banning the wearing of clothes, hiding the face, adopted in the country in late may. Repeated violation of the law, which came into force on August 1, punishable by a fine of 10 thousand kroons (1560 USD).

In 2011, the first European country to ban the wearing of headscarves that cover the face in public, was France. In Denmark for the first time talking about such a ban in 2009. The exact number of those who wear such clothing in Denmark, is difficult to calculate. In 2010, it was known about 150-200 women wearing the niqab.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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