In Ireland found the message to pilots of Hitler


Photo: @IrishAirCorps

In Ireland from the land of stone stood out a message created for the crews of German bombers during the Second world war. About it reports The Mirror.

Large white letters spell out the word Éire — Ireland — Bray head in County Wicklow in the East of the country. The inscription is composed of white stones embedded in the ground. About 80 of these messages were deployed across the country to prevent accidental bombing, as Ireland was the only member of the British Commonwealth, who remained neutral during the war. Messages were often left on the West coast, and East of the country are unusual.

Photo: @IrishAirCorps

Sign on Bray head was hidden by vegetation for decades, but again stood out after a recent fire. Stone composition found the crew of a police helicopter.

During the war, the Luftwaffe sought to gain air superiority and destroy ground-based military infrastructure of the UK active bombing. It went down in history as the battle of Britain — the largest aviation battle of forcing the führer of greater Germany Reich of Adolf Hitler to abandon plans for a ground landing.

On July 17 it became known that in Ireland thanks to the heat affecting the growth of grass, was discovered a prehistoric structure similar to Stonehenge.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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