The cleaning crew found the grenade and played her volleyball


Photo: BVE Clearance Services

On the island of Jersey in the English channel cleaners began to play, found in the debris of a grenade. This is the website

Old grenade was caught by the owner of a harvesting company James Oliver (James Oliver) lead-time cleaning of a private home. He laughed as he threw it to his employee, he caught and threw back. “We took her with us all day, some times throwing it to each other,” he says.

The alarm was raised, an honorary police officer, with whom he had known Oliver. “I jokingly tell him that in my van, probably a grenade. He initially thought it was not serious,” says the janitor. Seeing the grenade with his own eyes, he put the van around the traffic cones, and then called the police and explosives.

A dangerous find was taken to a remote location and destroyed. “It was a French grenade during the First world war that the Germans used in the Second world”, — believes the bomb expert. She could get to the island in the 1940s, when Jersey was occupied by Germany.

The owners of the house, where lay a grenade and claim they didn’t know about it. “They think someone planted,” says Oliver. According to him, he had never seen these grenades, although cleaning him many times across strange things.

In January it was reported that sixty-year-old man in Sweden has died after a grenade explosion, which took over the toy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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