The US military has banned the wraps off the base because of sports


Photo: Khalid al Mousily / Reuters

American soldiers and other personnel on military bases banned without permission to use the fitness trackers and applications for phones that have the function of determining location. This is stated in the new order of the Pentagon, the Associated Press reports.

As noted, the US defense Department has stopped literally in a step from a full ban such gadgets: now the user will decide whether the subordinate use of applications with geolocation. It will depend on the security threats to employees of a particular database.

At the same time, military in the areas of operations, for example, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Africa will in principle be prohibited from using such devices. “Geolocation may disclose personal information, whereabouts, daily activities, and the number of military and potentially create unintended security risks”, — explained in the order.

In early July, it was reported that the map my fitness app Polar has allowed researchers to collect data about six and a half thousand employees of various armies and intelligence agencies. Among the publicly available information — heart rate, route, date and time of the training. In the end, the researchers noticed activity in the us military in Baghdad and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Russian military in the Crimea.

In January it became known that the social network for athletes, Strava allowed to find the secret military base of the Ministry of defense. Displayed on the map the routes for sport us military in Syria. Later, users identified the routes runs along the beach from the probable base of the CIA in Somalia, the stationing of anti-aircraft Patriot missile system in Yemen and the operational bases of the US forces in the Sahel zone in Africa.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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