Translation officials of the Russian smartphones with OS estimated at 160 billion rubles


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The transfer of officials and employees of state-owned companies on smartphones with the Russian operating system will cost 160 billion rubles. About this newspaper “Kommersant” said a knowledgeable Federal official.

It is expected that by 2021 on smartphones with Sailfish OS Rostelecom transferred 7.9 million people. The rate for “providing comprehensive services” will be 13.1 thousand rubles a year per person.

Of 71.3 billion rubles for these purposes will be allocated from the Federal budget, up 78.2 billion will pay state-owned companies. Another 10.7 billion rubles will come from local budgets. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is ready to allocate 2.3 billion rubles for revision Sailfish.

Sailfish OS — an operating system with elements of open source code in the Linux kernel since 2012, develops the Finnish company Jolla, created by immigrants from Nokia, one of the shareholders which is the ESN group. On the smartphones based on Sailfish you can run applications written for Android. Sailfish is a continuation of mobile projects Mer and Meego.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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