Ukrainian priest explained the accident, the intoxication of the communion



In Ukraine, the court of Ivano-Frankivsk region has cancelled the appeal of the priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) Sergey Busel, who was deprived of rights for driving while intoxicated. About it reports the UNIAN.

Earlier, the priest insisted that the police had incorrectly drawn up the Protocol, and the sentence was imposed illegally.

Speaking before the court, stork admitted that before getting behind the wheel really drank wine. “There are cases, you know, the priest just drank. The sacrament was there or what,” he said. This argument judge Vladimir Gonzaga not convinced. “It’s not talking about communion. The dose for communion would be six months”, — he said.

Also, the priest explained why the patrol was forced to chase. “You know, I this was the first time. Afraid. Knew drank a little, worried. When he ran off, got into an accident”, he said and asked me to find him not guilty.

In the end, the decision of the court of first instance left in force.

In mid-July Kalush city district court found Busel guilty of driving in an alcohol intoxication. The priest stripped of his rights for a year and obliged to pay a fine in 10.2 thousand UAH (about 24 thousand).

A sacrament in Christianity — the sacraments, which is the consecration and the subsequent use of bread and wine.

In early August, in the Samara region of Russia, the accident occurred with the participation of BMW X5 Petersburg rector of St Seraphim Cathedral. The driver of the crossover has not coped with management and has left on a counter strip where the forehead in a forehead has faced with the Lada Kalina. Died sitting in a Lada passenger, the driver of the car was hospitalized with injuries. The Archimandrite, who was sitting in the cabin of the car, was not injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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