Altai Ombudsman boasted a record number prosecuted for memes


Boris Larente: the official website of the Ombudsman in the Altai region

The Commissioner for human rights in the Altai region Boris Larin praised the “real” work of the investigating authorities for a greater number of cases of extremism in the region. He said this in comments to “Kommersant”.

“I don’t think that the Altai territory — the most extremist region in Siberia. Apparently, we are talking about the real work of the investigating authorities, who began to give this area more attention. By and large, the people who are involved, are to blame, by posting such materials, without giving itself the report in that they can be held accountable for such publication,” — he said. The problem lies in the low level of legal culture of youth, said the Larin.

Earlier it became known about the detention of four residents of the Altai territory. In July, Barnaul opened a criminal case due to the meme in “Vkontakte”: extremism and insulting the feelings of believers accused the 23-year-old Mary Matusow and 19-year-old Daniel Markin. In August it was reported about the detention because of the meme with Patriarch Kirill 38-year-old Andrew Sheshenina. The fourth defendant in the case on extremism became 33-the summer inhabitant of Zarinsk Anton angel, who is accused of a hostile attitude “to a group of persons based on their belonging to the Jews.”

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