Authority Surik suddenly became a debtor of the master thief Russia


Suren Davidowitz: PrimeCrimeRu / YouTube

Thief in law Suren Tavad, known in criminal circles as the Minium Andizhan, became a debtor of the leader of the criminal world of Russia Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young). It is reported by the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

According to IA, Tavad has become a thief in law in the early 2000s, with participation of Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), one of the main crime bosses of the post-Soviet space. In 2015 Tavad was first detained in Moscow with heroin, and then became the first thief in law, placed under house arrest.

In October 2015 Tavad for violating the regime of house arrest was placed in Moscow remand prison. There are thieves in the law Salmano-Parusa Abdurzakov (Timur Saratov) and Shamil Magomedov (Smolyan) urged the prisoners not to consider Cavadova thief in law. Soon the last were freed on bail of 10 million rubles.

As it turned out, Timur Saratov Smolensk and acted on the instructions Shakro Young, who was having a conflict with Cavadova. The cause was a wealthy businessman who since 1990-ies enjoyed the patronage of Minium Andijan, but then met Shakro Young.

“As a result of simple manipulations, after he [businessman] fun Shakro, large sums devoted to the Minium for many years, Minium were Shakro. So the thieves knocked the ground from under the feet of Minium, Shakro automatically turned the tide in their favor,” — said the “Prime Crime”.

Because of the arrest and subsequent prison term Shakro Young, Minium Andijan did not have time to settle differences with him. Now the latter will either make their relationship with the leader of the criminal world of Russia at the court of thieves community, or to enlist the support of someone influential authority.

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