Boris Johnson was embroiled in a new scandal with Muslims


Boris Johnsonphoto: Simon Dawson / Reuters

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson came under a barrage of criticism after he compared Muslim women in burkas with mailboxes. About it reports BBC News.

Such a comparison he used in his column for the newspaper the Telegraph, which was written in connection with the ban of wearing burkas in Denmark.

Johnson explained that he opposed the ban on wearing the burqa in public places, noting that such clothing “looks absolutely ridiculous”. He added, Muslim women in burkas look like Bank robbers.

After this policy was accused of Islamophobia and called it the British Donald trump. The activists promised to appeal to the Commission on human rights.

Johnson resigned on 9 July. He headed the British foreign office less than two years. Over the years, in various positions Johnson did not skimp on the sarcastic comments, did not pass, politicians, heads of States and Prime Ministers.

He did not stand on ceremony with anyone. Comparing EU policies with the policies of Nazi Germany, Chinese culture and art was called “a mere imitation of Western forms,” the interest of the British Queen Elizabeth II to the countries of the former Empire explained love for the “cheering crowds waving flags little Indians”. Got it from him and the President of the United States Donald Trump, whom he called “stunningly ignorant”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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