Comparing Muslim women with mailboxes angered Mei


Photo: Luke MacGregor / Reuters

Prime Minister Theresa may has condemned the words of former foreign Minister Boris Johnson about Muslim women, reminiscent of “mailboxes” and “Bank robbers” and called on him to apologize publicly. About it reports The Independent.

Johnson resigned as head of the British foreign office on 9 July due to disagreements on Brexit with the Prime Minister and Theresa may.

Earlier, on 1 August, the ban on the wearing of face covering headgear in force in Denmark. The violators face fines of a thousand DKK (134 Euro), and with each new violation the fine will increase and could rise to ten thousand kroner (1340 euros). The law made it impossible for wearing on the street the burqa, niqab and other non-religious headwear that conceals the face, with the exception of helmets for motorcyclists, as well as cases where the intention of the person “obvious”, for example: the masquerade or in cold weather. Similar bans were adopted in Austria, Belgium, France, and also in the canadian province of Quebec.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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