Elon Musk planned to buy Tesla


Elon, MASCOTA: Joe Skipper / Reuters

The founder of Tesla Elon Musk made the possibility to buy back shares of the company for $ 420 apiece and transform the company from public to private. On Tuesday, August 7, he wrote on Twitter.

“I think Tesla withdraw from the stock exchange at 420 dollars [per share]. The financing is secured,” — said the businessman.

One user asked the Mask, seriously speaking, to which he replied in the affirmative.

After this post, the company’s shares jumped more than 7 percent to 367,25 per share, reports Reuters.

Earlier, on 2 August, it was reported that for two quarters 2018 Tesla suffered record losses due to the launch of the production Model 3. She started assembling the new model in July 2017. The company is positioning the car as a mass: the cost starts from 35 thousand dollars, while the Model S costs from 75 thousand to 100 thousand dollars, Model X — 80 thousand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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