Found a huge cache of weapons during the Second world war


Photo: Nishitokyo Municipal Office

Under the elementary school in the Japanese city of Niitaka found a huge stash of thousands of weapons during the Second world war. It is reported Japan Today.

The find includes about 1.4 thousand units of firearms and 1.2 thousand swords. Among them was also found a large number of grenades, bullets and cannonballs. The burials were found during the preparation of the terrain to build a new building. The cache was located at a depth of about two meters under the school building.

It is assumed that all these weapons were thrown and buried in 1945 after the war.

In early July off the coast of Japan found the sunken submarine U-511 was built in Nazi Germany. 90-meter depth was discovered a well-preserved hull of the submarine launched in 1941 in Germany and later (in 1943) transferred to the Imperial Japanese Navy. In 1946, the submarine was sunk by the Americans.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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