In the United States called “fake” weapons of Russia


Su-34 with external modules CRAP “Khibiny”Photo: Wikipedia

The magazine Popular Mechanics has published a selection of ten “imaginary” Russian and Soviet weapons. The existence of such equipment stated or planned by officials or the media, although in reality it, at least in the full version, nobody has seen.

The list starts with plasma stealth shield, which in 1999 “Keldysh research Center” has offered to provide stealth Russian fighter of the fourth generation. Thus in Russia planned to respond to the projects of the American stealth aircraft of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II (the modern name). Technology plasma stealth shield, tested on su-27, turned out to be too complex for practical implementation.

The second collection is geophysical weapon supposedly capable of causing severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which in 1996, told “Moscow news”. Third in the list of atomic gun “Lipton”, which in 1994 stated the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Then the politician said that “the world has no idea about the real strength of this weapon”, which is allegedly in one of the tests destroyed 12 Bosnian soldiers.

The fourth selection is a genetic weapon aimed at the defeat of certain ethnic groups. About allegedly ongoing in Russia the work on such weapons in 1997, told the 20th U.S. Secretary of defense William Cohen. The fifth referred to the complex electronic warfare “Khibiny”, which, according to Russian media reports, in December 2014 broke the energy system of the USS Donald Cook. PM notes that “Khibiny” in fact exist, but not as dangerous as the press describes it.

In sixth place is the so-called death rays — directional flows of high-energy charged particles. About the ongoing in the USSR the work on such weapons, capable of hitting ballistic missiles and satellites in 1977, told the publication Aviation Week. Seventh on the list is Russian psychotronic weapons, which in 2012, told the Western media.

Eighth place is a supersonic bomber T-4, the characteristics of which should resemble those of the American North American XB-70 Valkyrie. It was built a few prototypes T-4, one of which made test flights. The project was cancelled in 1974 in favour of the Tu-22M. Ninth in the list includes combat plasmoids, can destroy warheads of ballistic missiles. Of such weapons in 1993, wrote “Izvestia”. The list completes the so-called scalar weapons based on pseudoscientific “theory of torsion field” (not to be confused with torsion fields, Cartan Elie).

“Russia and the former Soviet Union promised a lot. Not all of this has become a reality,” concludes the PM.

In March 2012, Anatoly Serdyukov, then held the post of defense Minister, said that Russia will prepare a program for the creation of radial, physical, wave, gene and psychophysical weapons. According to officials, the task of creating a “weapons based on new physical principles” laid down for 2011-2020. Possible funding for the program was not specified.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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