Kindergarten in Astrakhan, accused of tying children diapers


Photo: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

Astrakhan blogger Dinar Khisamov said in Facebook about the improper treatment of children at one of the local kindergartens. According to him, the nanny locked wards in one room and was tied up in a cradle for two. He said the mother of one of the pupils of the institution.

As noted Khisamov, the mother asked the friend, whose friend got a job in this garden. Knowing whose child is in the institution, she asked him to pick up, when I saw the nanny dealt with the children.

“She saw in my first day at work following picture: children who were brought to the so-called “adaptation”, locked in the same room. The teacher in a kindergarten was not available. There were only nannies who have other responsibilities. (..) Children were 12-15. They were lying in cots in twos. “Jack”. The children were tied with cradle legs and large knots in the legs and wrapped over the back. The room was stuffy, the split system did not work, just open the window,” said the resident.

As reports “Astrakhan-24”, the Prosecutor’s office will check in kindergarten. Mother has applied to the Supervisory body, provided photos and videos to prove my point.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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