Murmansk oblast will compete for the title of region with the best adventure vacation


Photo: Paul lions / RIA Novosti

The National Geographic Traveler magazine has opened online voting for the best tourist destinations in Russia in 2018, in which Murmansk oblast was nominated in the category “Russian adventure holidays”.

Together with the Murmansk region in the competition for the title of region with the best adventure vacation involves Irkutsk oblast, Kamchatka Krai, the Republic of Karelia and Altai.

In the description area says that here the traveler will be able to whale watching, to cross the Peninsula to snowmobile or go kite surfing (in winter in a snowy tundra in the summer – the sea and the lakes). “But what an adventure without loot! From Hiking in the Khibiny mountains, tourists are returning to crystals of apatites and zircons, and dive tours — with delicacies: mussels, sea urchins and crabs,” — said in the text.

The voting will take place from June 22 to October 5 in 25 main categories. The event organizers believe that the competition will generate interest in the study of Russian geography.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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