Russians warned about the growth of prices for meat products


Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

Large meat processors say about a sharp rise in raw material prices, which in turn can lead to an increase in the cost of sausages and semi-finished products. About this informed the newspaper “Vedomosti”, owned by the family Demyan Kudryavtsev.

Despite the fact that demand, particularly for pork in the summer has traditionally raised the wholesale prices are rising faster and more uncontrollable than in previous years, noted in the National Union of meat processors.

So, pork shoulder went up from January to 53 percent, while in 2017 the price for the same period grew by only 17 percent. In addition, increased delivery times, and suppliers were to breach their obligations by selling the meat is more expensive than on contract.

Experts cite several reasons for the rise in price of meat. In particular, this is due to the rising feed prices, ban on imports of meat from Brazil, outbreaks of African swine blue and abnormal heat in Central Russia.

In addition, market participants say that the production of sausages and semi-finished products became unprofitable. If wholesale pork prices will not fall, consumer price will rise by 5-12 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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