The photographer stole from the Russians and defeated them at the international competition


Photo: Licorne / Pikabu

Photographer from Russia under the name Licorne said that a citizen of Cyprus stole her picture and won him the prestigious international photography competition. About it she wrote on the site Pikabu.

According to Licorne, photographer and broadcaster Cavaso ADEM (Adem Kavaz) downloaded the snapshot from the Bank of stock images and slightly retouched it by putting black-and-white filter. Then the man paid 20 Euro for participation in the international competition of Mersin Olba Fotoğraf Derneği, which took place in Turkey, and put a picture under your name.

As it turned out, that was enough to win the competition.

“The ceremony of awarding the prizes handed out, the exhibition began. And I’m here, in Siberia, in the kitchen, randomly I decided to Google… Lazy creative people completely,” he complained at the injustice real author of the picture. She added that Cavaso boasted victory on his page on Facebook, thanking the judges and the organizers for two awards and six nominations. Later the post was deleted.

Commentators Pikabu surprised the situation with the theft of the photos. They invited the girl urgently to report fraud to the contest organizers. This Licorne said that first contact with the legal Department of the Agency and then will communicate with the organizers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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