“Demonic voice” told a Florida arrow to kill the students


Nicolas Crazfoto: Reuters

Killing 17 students in the Florida school Nicolas Cruz on the interrogation said that to commit a crime it made the voices in my head. This writes The New York Times. The conversations had not disclosed.

Immediately after his arrest, Cruz asked to be killed, and in response to the invitation to drink the water replied that “deserves”. According to the newspaper, after the investigator left the interrogation room, the young man continued to mumble under his breath: “I don’t understand. I just want to die.” He also said that he feels useless and without stopping asked, “Why didn’t he kill me?”. To whom he spoke, could not figure out.

In the transcript of record also mentions that Cruz blamed the incident on “the demonic voice” that caused him to commit the shooting. According to him, he ordered: “Burn, kill, destroy”.

As writes the edition, earlier the lawyers of the young man demanded nondisclosure of the contents of the interrogations. However, the court decided to make the materials public.

February 14, 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz opened fire at his former school in Parkland (Florida). In the result, 17 people were killed, another 17 were injured. The shooter was detained. It was reported that the FBI at least twice warned of the threat posed by cruise. In both cases, they did not provide this information to local security forces.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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