European club announced the kidnapping of a soccer player


Adeleke, Cinemaphoto: FK Ventspils Futbola Klubs in Facebook

The Latvian club “Ventspils” made an official statement regarding the absence of the team’s Nigerian striker Adeleke Akinyemi. Entry is available on the official website of the club.

The statement noted that Akinyemi illegally left the team and the city of Ventspils. After the disappearance of striker the club has turned unknown.

“In response to our numerous requests to return the player to fulfil his contractual obligations details of the individual pressure and blackmail our club. In particular, we are forced to accept the unacceptable and not registered in the contract of the player conditions in part of the terms of the contract and transfer prices, otherwise, we declare that he will not return to the club”, — the statement says “Ventspils”.

It is noted that the performances of the 19-year-old Nigerian in “Ventspils” is attracting interest from other teams, which could lead to the “stealing player”. The club has decided to appeal for help to the police.

The Nigerian stands for “Ventspils” with a March 2017.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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