Iran questioned the danger of the United States


Mohammad Javad, Tariffata: Yves Herman / Reuters

Iran will continue to export oil despite a new wave of U.S. sanctions that will enter into force in November. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif, quoted by the Iranian news Agency IRNA.

“The Americans said they wanted to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero. This is their strength. Countries with which the United States are negotiating on the issue, said he would continue to import Iranian hydrocarbons,” said Zarif.

According to him, in the supply of Iranian oil abroad, interested consumers and other exporters. “We are confident that our neighbors, other oil exporters, and countries interested in ensuring its energy security, will not allow it”, — he stressed.

On 7 August the US imposed the first of two packages of restrictive measures against Iran. They relate to the automotive industry, the foreign exchange market and the market of metals, including precious. The government could not buy dollars, to issue sovereign Eurobonds and conduct significant transactions in local currency, the Riyal.

4 Nov expected second wave of restrictions, which will include a ban on the export of Iranian oil.

The US President Donald trump said that no country can simultaneously cooperate with Iran and with the United States.

The sanctions were imposed after the may unilateral withdrawal from Washington of the Iranian nuclear deal. Its initiator was the trump doubting that Tehran complies with the terms of the agreement and renounced the development of nuclear weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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